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1986 Caustics and Specular Reflection Models for Spherical Objects and Lenses Visual Computer
1987 Frequency Modulation Synthesis Computer Graphics 1987
1988 Particals: An Artistic Approach to Fuzzy Objects New Trends in Computer Graphics, Proceedings of CG International '88
1989 An Illumination Model for Atmospheric Environments New Advances in Computer Graphics. Proceedings of CG International '89
1990 A Simple Model of Flames CG International '90: Computer Graphics Around the World
1991 Volume Tracing the Atmospheric Environments Visual Computer
1991 Non-Linear Perspective Projections Modeling in Computer Graphics
1992 Infinite Reflection Models for the Visual Arts Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation
1992 Synthetic Fireworks Visual Computing: Integrating Computer Graphics with Computer Vision
1993 Volume Tracing Soft Objects Modeling in Computer Graphics
1995 Volume Tracing Mirage Effects Computer Graphics: Proceedings of CG International95

joint papers

1993 Modeling Blades of Simple Leaves Communicating with Virtual Worlds
1994 Three Dimensional Mosaic Generations Insight Through Computer Graphics: Proceeding of CG International 1992
2001 Resreach of Emotion-Based Motion Editing in the Production Environment NICOGRAPH2001
2001 Choreography of Autonomous Virtual Actor Using Emotional Parameters Proceedings of Annual Conference of The Japanese Society for AI 2001
2001 TTT : A system for establishing richer communication through human connections Information Processing Society of Japan Research Report
2002 Spoiral: An Online Ad-Lib Mystery SIGGRAPH2002 Web Graphics
2002 Network Collaboration System for Content Production DEW2002
2002 Tangible Media Communication Design in Future Home Enviroments ISEA2002
2003 Home Environmental Ubiquitous Entertainment Contents Design - Prototype"ACTiM" Proceedings of 6th Asia Design International Conference
2003 Animatope: A Manga-Styled Animation Expression Toolkit Proceedings of Eurographics2003
2003 Beyond-me site: two-handed interface for 3D drawing in MR Proceedings of Graphite2003
2003 SS-3d: Collaborative tool for Shooting-preproduction with Web3D Proceedings of Graphite2003
2003 The Living Map - A communication tool that connects real world and online community by using a map Proceedings of AVIR2003
2003 Item.tv: online game of "symphonic" media SIGGRAPH 2003 Web Graphics
2003 Little red: storytelling in mixed reality SIGGRAPG2003 Sketches
2004 Content That Connects People by Shared Experience Proceedings of ICAT2004
2004 Enhanced Entertaining Experience For Creative LBE with atMOS System Proceedings of VSMM2004
2004 atMOS - Self Expression Movie Generating System for 3G Mobile Communication Proceedings of MUM204
2004 Cafe Tools: Contents that Connect People SIGGRAPH2004 Sketches
2004 Veggie Diaries: Urban Mobile MR Entertainment SIGGRAPH2004 Sketches
2004 The Re: living Map - an effective experience with GPS tracking and photographs Pervasive2004 Workshop
2005 Emo System: a Public Message System to Share Emotional Information SIGGRAPH2005 Sketches
2005 Hako-ne: An Augmented Musical Dollhouse SIGGRAPH2005 Sketches
2005 Tri-Story as "Intuitive Cinema" Interactive Storytelling based on Physical Action for Multi Screen Proceedings of ACE2005
2005 Entertainment Content Design Using Flexible Display Technology: Next Generation Digital Craft "Kaze-Tama" Journal of Printing Science and Tehnology
2005 Wearable Synthesis : A Coordination Framework for Wearable Fashion IPSJ-Human Interface 114th Group Meeting
2005 Clothing Structure Design for Wearability IPSJ-Human Interface 115th Group Meeting
2005 A Coordination Model for Wearable Fashion Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers2005
2006 Introducing the Analogy of Computing into the Clothing Design 4th Group Meeting of Wearable Computing
2006 Sensible Node: Network-Based General Purpose Architecture Module that Reflects Environment Proceedings of IE2006 (2nd International Conference on Intelligent Environment)
2006 CREATUREs: Designing Interactive Interior Lamps SIGGRAPH2006 Sketches
2006 POCOMZ: An Ambient Media Device With IM Application "wija" SIGGRAPH2006 Sketches
2006 OTOTONARI: A Pervasive Game Based on Collaboration and Storage of Users' Experience Transactions of Information Processing Society of Japan Vol.47 No.6.
2006 MYSQ: An entertainment system based on content creation directly linked to communication ACM Computers In Entertainment (CIE)
2006 OTOTONARI: A Pervasive Game of Sound Composition based on Users' Collaboration Proceedings of Future Play2006
2006 OTOTONARI: Mobile Ad Hoc Pervasive Game that develops a regional difference Proceedings of Cyber Game 2006

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