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ongoing projects

These are ongoing projects from imgl, wich make respectable achievements.

CREST "The Research of Ubiquitous Content Production Authoring System" Project


In this research, we propose a new ubiquitous content as a digital content domain for the 21st century and develop a system to support the ubiquitous content production. Ubiquitous Content is a new genre of content for everyday life. Also, this research aims to establish the content design theory as a guideline to assist the creation of a high quality content. Futhermore, by using the ubiquitous content production authoring system and the design theory, high quality ubiquitous contents will be produced to demonstrate the effectiveness and validity of the research.



We study new working habits in a next generation ubiquitous office environment. From the point of view of communication entertainment, we propose and develop, pleasant informative spaces that naturally blend into an office, devices, systems and integrative information environment were each of these modules cooperates.

  • "Tabby" and "Bird" were demonstrated at Bore Morensen recollection exhibition.
  • "Breathing:BIRD" and "Cafe Tools" were introduced on a featured article of CASA BRUTUS(2005 Dec. edition).

Entertainment Experience Design


Entertainment Experience Design is Dr. Satoru Tokuhisa's personal research project. He develoved a lot of interactive entertainment systems which were embedded physical and tangible computing to achieve social communication and collaboration. His work domain has a wide variety, for instance, physical game, pervasive game, performance tool, furniture, architectural construction. Moreover, he explores mechanism of enjoyment and fun behind entertainment works, which you can confirm at PhD dissertation.

Public Cinema

Public Cinema
Public CinemaPublic CinemaPublic CinemaPublic Cinema

Evolution of digital technologies lead to continuous innovations of video contents such as digital cinema, video chat, interactive animations, and digital stereography. Our project "Public Cinema" seeks to propose new lifestyles through novel interactive video contents which fit into our everyday lives.

The Geths

The Geths
The GethsThe GethsThe GethsThe Geths

We, The Geths produce various play equipments to make us forget the time in our daily lives. Delicately sensing the feelings and the emotions of people, and arranging them into designs via computers, - this is the style of The Geths.

Bench Warmers Port


BenchWarmersPort 'BWP' designs immersing interactive creation art for next generation network communication tools with 10 multiple projection system, 10GPS hi-speed network and wearable wire-less sensors.

  • "dotSPACE" was accepted by ACM SIGCHI ACE2007 Demo.



Now, We are making interactive animation of shadow based on physical action. It makes us able to communicate through the actual shadow with the marvelous creatures; that we can see when we look in the shadow. Users can communicate with the world of shadow by approaching to the space or, by putting an object or, changing the shadow’s shape by moving the object’s direction or their own shadow.

  • "Kage no Sekai" was awarded Best Demonstration Award at ACM SIGCHI ACE2007 Demo.

completed projects

These are some notable completed projects from imgl.

DZ (2005-2006)


Currently, DZ studies multi-display interaction contents using 10G network that connects Nara Institute of Science and Technology, SFC and USC, which is located in California. We are earnestly creating a new entertainment content which composites a refine interaction with distant locations, a space with more than ten multi-displays which are located on the three surfaces of a wall, and an enormous zone were visual expressions are fully put in practical use .

  • "Andrew Rivolski" was accpeted by Interactive Experiences, HCI2006 London.

Mixedplay (2006)


Today, physical "games" that children play, are made for the analog world. Mixedplay project, has a purpose of rethinking physical games such as hide and seek, tag and other similar games into a new game, where the existence of digital technology represented by wireless correspondence is a precondition.

  • "Morel" was accepted by ACM SIGCHI ACE 2006.

PAPYRUS (2005-2006)


PAPYRUS has an aim to create a natural and pleasant union of paper medium and digital expressions. While rediscovering the charm of "paper", such as touch, warmth, the style of material and friendliness, grope for new possibilities of the "paper×digital" media mix. From "display based" to "paper based". Every day's redesign is our theme.

SENSE (2005-2006)


SENSE is a project that creates entertainment using the five senses especially focusing on the sense of smell. Until now, we have created a location based entertainment "Nozoki-Hana", were a player listens to the scents and enjoys the revived imagination. Now, were are creating a home entertainment "inscene", were a certain emotion is implanted into a scent. An aromatic future will be born from SENSE.

MR Ground Zero (2002-2005)

MR Ground ZeroMR Ground ZeroMR Ground ZeroMR Ground Zero

Mixed Reality,MR,is a kind of technology which attach digital information to the realimages. We, MR Ground Zero produced MR picture book "Little Red MR", PDF vegitable growing game "Veggie Diaries", and a music box "Hako-ne" using MR technologies.

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