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1986 Digital Publishing in Japan SIGGRAPH 1986Panel
1986 Reflection and Refraction Model for Ray Tracing SIGGRAPH 1986 Course
2002 Lightstage3 for Digital Cinema Production SIGGRAPH 2002 Course

keynote speech

1996   Japan Society of Basic Design and Art
1998   International Conference on Multimedia&Telecommunications Management
2001 Broadband Entertainment: Digital Cinema and Virtual Actor The 7th Visualzation Conference
2003 Digital Entertainment with Mixed Reality AVIR2003
2007 Designing for Emotional and Entertaining Experience ACE2007
2007 Media Design Aesthetics: Emotional and Entertaining Experience Design for the Ubiquitous Society DIMEA2007

invited lecture

1983 Interaction Between Sound and Visuals NICOGRAPH 83
1986 Computer Graphics Art IMAGINA '86
1987 Fuzzy and Entropy Expression NICOGRAPH 87
1994 Moving Images Production in the Multimedia Era IBM Press 94
1995 In Between Abstract and Realism Digitale 1995
1996 Internet Case Study  Internet Seminar for Publishers
1996 State-of-the-Art Technology Trend for Multimedia Internet Content State-of-the-Art Internet Seminar
1996 Advanced Computer Graphics in the CyberMedia Era NICOGRAPH/ACGC Special Seminar
1997 SFX Production in Hollywood Film -Using Internet from Studio in Japan- Research Group in Human Resources Development for Digital Moving Images
2000 Trend in Digital Content Business in the IT-Based Society Yamaguchi Prefectural Industrial Technology Institute, IT Business Strategy Seminar
2001 Digitalization of Motion Picture: Quest for Digital Content Business Model Japan Society for Management Information Tokai Chapter
2002 Digital Cinema Production and Distribution in the Broadband Era The 21st JATET Forum
2002 Digital Cinema Technology in Digital Shorts "Magick Lesson" InterBee 2002
2003 Broadband-Based Digital Cinema Production NAB2003 Digital Cinema Summit
2004 Advances in Digital Production for Motion Pictures KAIST, Korea
2006 From Digital Shape to Physical Shape for Aesthetic Computing First International Workshop on Shapes and Semantics
2006 The Charm of Entertainment Design Media Art Forum 2006
2006 Media Design Aesthetics National University of Singapore

special lecture

2004 Next-Generation Content design for the Ubiquitous Society The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan, 32nd Annual Conference
2006 Digital Media Content that Fuses Fine Art and Science DIVA 2006
2007 Entertainment of Tomorrow -From Evolving Moving Images to Smart Prodcuts- Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences Annual Conference 2007


2006 Science and Technology, Culture and Media MEXT(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
2006 Entertainment Soft-Power Keio MCC Seminar Series

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