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content works

These are content works which Professor Inakage was involved in their production.

The Penguins

A film from Aqua Theater, YokohamaHakkeijima Seaparadise.
A Full-CG animation at a theme park.
Involved as a CG Producer.

Hagoromo Densetsu

A musical that aims a fusion of CG and live-performance.
Involved as a CG Producer.

Fukushima Folklore "Listen Children..."

Produced 144 episodes of folktale-based CG animation for broadcast program.
Involved as a CG Producer.

Granpa's Ladder

An experimental film that fuses live-action with CG.
Involved as a CG Supervisor.


Cooperated in creation of a Hollywood film from Japan.
Involved as a VFX Creator.

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